Homeowners Association Bylaws & Covenants 

Pine Township Local Code

Oakhaven Homeowners Association Bylaws and Covenants outline the rules and regulations of that each Oakhaven property owner legally agrees to upon purchase of their home that ultimately provide a framework of guidelines to ensure that all homeowners in the community adhere to the same standards in effort to help to protect the overall value of the neighborhood and the homes within it. 

Additionally, it is important to consider and comply with Pine Township's Code which provide a framework and set of guidelines for the citizens to follow when it comes to the rules, regulations and laws that govern the area. These include zoning regulations, building regulations, public safety regulations including streets and traffic, as well as other ordinances such as waste management and property maintenance. Additionally, the code provides a guide for the township's leaders to make decisions that are in the best interest of the community. Knowing and following local codes can also help protect you from legal issues resulting from non-compliance.

** Website text of covenants is truncated for ease of readability. Click here for full legal copies of Covenants, Amendments, and Bylaws.